Prepare For a Career in Energy

  • Get good grades
  • Maintain a clean driving record
  • Take courses related to your field of interest
  • Take core courses in:
    • Math
    • Science
    • Communication
    • Computers




  • Gain leadership experience
  • Join student organizations related to your field of interest
  • Become an intern or co-op student
  • Think about what you like to do and see how your interests might fit into a skilled trade






  • Research growing trades where you live or an area where you may be open to moving
  • Consider your preferences. Do you prefer working outside or inside? Are you ok with heights, or nervous about tight spaces?
  • Volunteer with an organization that will train you in skills related to your career goals.
  • Learn soft skills (resume, interviewing, and working with a team) by getting a paid job in any field while still in high school. This will build confidence and your resume!




  • Find an apprenticeship and get paid while you learn!
  • Join a student network group in your field of interest
  • Seek out a mentor already in your career of interest
  • Work hard!






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